The following are endorsements from several prominent Catholic Prelates and leaders that I have been privileged to work with over the years. My sincere thanks to each of them for their kind words of support and affirmation. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.


I am happy to express my wholehearted endorsement of Hector Molina and of his evangelization apostolate. Hector is an exceptionally gifted communicator of the Gospel and teacher of the Catholic faith, who, with remarkable dynamism and fidelity to the truth proclaims the message of the New Evangelization. Having worked closely with Hector during my time as Archbishop of St. Louis, I can attest to the unquestionable competence and ardent Christian love with which he serves the Church. It gives me great pleasure to recommend him to you.”

– His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke
Cardinal Member of the Apostolic Signatura, Vatican City



When he gets to Heaven Hector Molina will have a long line of people waiting to thank him for his winsome, dynamic, and powerful evangelistic ministry. If there is any justice in this world, he should have a long line on earth too.”

– Dr. Peter Kreeft
Author, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College



As the whole Church turns in the direction of a ‘new evangelization’ Hector Molina is well prepared to make a significant contribution to the renewal of God’s people and the effective proclamation of the Gospel. I rejoice to see his ‘yes’ to the Lord bearing increasing fruit.”

– Dr. Ralph Martin
Author, President of Renewal Ministries



Hector Molina has always impressed me with his unique combination of apostolic zeal for souls and his comprehensive knowledge of Scripture and Catholic teaching. It comes as no surprise to me, therefore, that Hector is increasingly in demand as a seminar presenter and conference speaker, as word spreads about his stirring presentations on the Catholic Faith. I have witnessed Hector’s rhetorical abilities, in both English and Spanish, on numerous occasions. He is able to connect with the hearts and minds of his audiences, offering them in a winsome and compelling way the message of Jesus Christ — one that is content-rich, biblically grounded, and solidly orthodox. Although Hector Molina’s many God-given gifts as an orator and evangelist surely speak for themselves, it is nonetheless a pleasure for me to be able to heartily recommend him to you.”

– Patrick Madrid
Author, President of the Envoy Institute


Staples Circle

When I think of the many great Catholic speakers and evangelists around today, my friend Hector Molina is chief among them. He is passionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and absolutely loyal to the Magisterium. I recommend him wholeheartedly for any parish or Catholic conference that is interested in leading souls to the fullness of Christ and His Church.”

– Tim Staples
Director of Apologetics and Evangelization, Catholic Answers



Hector Molina is a passionate Catholic evangelist with a desire and the ability to effectively explain and defend the Catholic Faith. Give him a chance to address a parish or conference and watch the crowd come alive with his biblical exhortation and rousing style of teaching. He is solidly orthodox and ready to share the gospel; and with Hector there is a double blessing because he speaks English and Spanish with equal fluency. With the rapidly growing Hispanic population, Hector can inspire both groups with ease.”

– Steve Ray
Author and Apologist


Coffin Circle

 If you want a presentation of the Catholic Faith that really connects with people and sends them out excited about evangelization, Hector Molina is your man. Very few speakers can communicate the gospel without compromise as Hector can. Welcome to the New Motivangelization!”

– Patrick Coffin
Author & Host of the Patrick Coffin Show



Hector Molina is a powerful and engaging speaker. With solid content, inspiring illustrations and a heartfelt message, Hector captures his audience’s attention and directs them to the fullness of Jesus Christ in his One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. In the forefront of the New Evangelization, Hector is confidently dynamic, and speaks the truth with love, joy, and a dash of good humor.”

– Father Dwight Longenecker
Pastor, Blogger, Author and Speaker



Your parish or diocese would greatly benefit from one of Hector’s dynamic presentations. Hector is a gifted Catholic evangelist whose love of the Lord shines brightly through his work. He is gifted at explaining the Gospel and Church teaching in an manner appealing to all Catholics no matter one’s level of catechesis. That’s why Hector is a sought after guest on many Catholic radio programs including my own and that’s why if you want Catholics to get fired up about their faith, you need to bring Hector Molina to your next event or conference.”

– Teresa Tomeo
Author, Motivational Speaker & EWTN Radio Host



I am honored and privileged to hear many great speakers on a regular basis, and there are very few that possess the incredible talent, passion, and enthusiasm of Hector Molina. His energetic delivery and powerful message keeps your heart and soul hungry for God’s Word. Hector’s tremendously inspiring and dynamic presentations will breathe life into your next conference, retreat, or parish mission. He is, without question, one of the top Catholic evangelists around today.”

– Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Catholic Evangelist, President, Servant Enterprises


Dr. Ray Guarendi

Energy, knowledge, likability. Those are the qualities that make for a top notch, highly sought after professional speaker. And Hector has all three in abundance. I promise none of his relatives paid me to say this…well, maybe a little.”

– Dr. Ray Guarendi
Psychologist, EWTN Radio & Television Host



I too have shared the speaker’s platform with Hector Molina. Hector is an example of a Catholic man on fire with the Lord. As a young family man, he speaks from his own heart and in terms of Men’s Conferences, he has a word men can resonate with. He understands a man’s soul. We search for lay Catholics who can articulate faith and discipleship in the market place unabashedly and in fidelity to our tradition. Hector is one such shining example. He will provide substance to any spiritual program.”

– Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry
Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Chicago



Hector Molina is a blessing to the Church. He passionately proclaims the good news of Jesus in a way that captures the attention and hearts of the audience. With years of experience in scripture study, public speaking, youth ministry, and bilingual evangelization, Hector delivers a unique set of talents and insights to Catholic conferences. I strongly recommend my dear brother Hector Molina as a keynote educator/evangelist to any local, national, or international speaking venue. My only regret is when I am on the program at a conference and have the difficult task of speaking AFTER this dynamic and articulate apostle!”

– Tom Peterson
President, Catholics Come Home



In my extensive experience in Catholic radio and my travels around the country, I have been blessed to meet countless individuals whose hearts are focused on one thing – leading souls to Jesus Christ by boldly proclaiming the teachings of His Catholic Church. I would include Hector Molina on my short list of the most zealous, impacting evangelists there are today. He is clearly led in his preaching and teaching by the power of the Holy Spirit. When planning your next conference or event, the only question you need to answer is, “Who else should we schedule to speak along with Hector Molina?”

– Jerry Usher
Founder and President, Third Millennium Media



As a former Protestant, I am accustomed to hearing exciting and inspiring speakers “preach the Word” and proclaim Christ. Until I met Hector Molina, however, I had never heard a Catholic preach in that way. Hector is not only “on fire” – he is blazing with the gifts of the Holy Spirit! I know many wonderful, intelligent, and inspiring speakers in the Church, but Hector is probably the most dynamic Catholic speaker I have ever heard. As one who has been blessed to share the stage with Hector as a conference speaker and also listen to him from the audience, I can tell you that I would much rather be a spectator in the audience than a speaker following Hector Molina! It is obvious to me that Hector has been chosen by God to be a great evangelist in the tradition of St. Paul.”

– Gail Buckley
President, Catholic Scripture Study International



For me, Hector Molina is an eloquent sign of the “new springtime of Christian life” prophesied by Pope John Paul II. Hector is a gifted, dynamic communicator of the Gospel. He has a clear grasp of what the “Spirit is saying to the Church” in our day, and communicates that knowledge with uncompromising clarity, guided by a wisdom gained from years of effective ministry experience. I am delighted to be able endorse the work and ministry of Hector Molina.”

– Peter Herbeck
Vice-President, Renewal Ministries



Hector Molina is one of the most powerful Catholic evangelists I have ever had the privilege of working with. His ability to captivate an audience and deliver a message of renewal and love is amazing. The ease with which he moves from English to Spanish and back again is astonishing, and so necessary for today’s diverse Church. Hector will light up the room and challenge God’s people to go forward in faith!”

– Gus Lloyd
Evangelist and Radio Host, The Catholic Channel