Two Special Announcements

It is with great joy that I announce that my wife Uki and I are expecting our sixth child. We are so very grateful for this blessing and look forward to welcoming our little one who is due to arrive in June of next year. Hopefully we can avoid another roadside delivery. Once was quite enough. Please keep us, and especially my wife, in your prayers.

I also want to announce that I will be moving on from my work with Catholic Answers. It has been one of my greatest privileges to work for such a world-class Catholic apostolate. I will miss it dearly. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Catholic Answers family and pray that The LORD will continue to bless and magnify their efforts to share the beauty, truth, and splendor of Catholicism with the world. I know that I am not alone when I say that the work of Catholic Answers has had a tremendous impact on my life. In my travels over the last few years, I have been privileged to hear hundreds of testimonies from fellow Catholics whose lives have likewise been enriched, and in many cases transformed by CA. It is nothing short of humbling to consider how The LORD has used this apostolate to spread His gospel. If you are one of the millions of souls whose faith has been strengthened by the work of Catholic Answers, I would encourage you to consider showing your appreciation and support by participating in their Annual Fundraising Campaign, or by patronizing their online store. By doing so, you enable CA to expand its reach for Christ and His Kingdom.

Catholic Answers Staff

As for me, over the next few months I will be fulfilling my remaining engagements through Catholic Answers while returning to the work that I began before joining them, namely my full-time speaking apostolate. You will be able to follow my work at my newly renovated website:

Please remember me in your prayers. Be assured of mine for you and your intentions.

¡Que viva Cristo Rey!

In Christ,
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