Prayer for Pope Francis

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From his first words to us on the Loggia of St. Peter’s to this very day, Pope Francis has never ceased to ask the faithful to pray for him. It is a wonderful sign of his deep humility and awareness of the enormity of his role as Vicar of Christ and Supreme Pontiff. As Catholics, we do have an obligation to pray for our Shepherd and Holy Father.

To that end, I’ve posted the following prayer for the Pope which is taken from the Roman Missal. A partial indulgence is attached to the versicle and response. I would encourage you to pray for the Holy Father daily. 


V: Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco.

R: Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius.

V: Fiat manus tua super virum dexterae tuae

R: Et super filium hominis quem confirmasti tibi

Pater Noster, Ave Maria.

Oremus. Deus, ómnium fidélium pastor et rector, fámulum tuum Franciscum, quem pastórem Ecclésiæ tuæ præésse voluísti, propítius réspice: da ei, quæesumus, verbo et exémplo, quibus præest, profícere: ut ad vitam, una cum grege sibi crédito, pervéniat sempitérnam. Per Christum, Dóminum nostrum. Amen.



V: Let us pray for our Pope Francis.

R: May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.

V: May Thy hand be ever upon the man of Thy right hand.

R: And upon the son of man whom Thou hast confirmed unto thee.

Our Father, Hail Mary.

Let us Pray. O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful people, look mercifully upon Thy servant Francis, whom Thou hast chosen as shepherd to preside over Thy Church. Grant him, we beseech Thee, that by his word and example, he may edify those over whom he hath charge, so that together with the flock committed to him, may he attain everlasting life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Jesse Cantu

    Hello Mr. Molina,
    I watched a segment on EWTN with you in it. It has inspired me to want to evangelize myself. I have been a Catholic since birth, however, for many years I have been a lukewarm Catholic. I want to learn as much about my faith as possible now. I have started to read books like Scott Hahn’s ‘The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth’ as a way to draw me closer to Jesus Christ. Aside from your You Tube clips, where can I view, purchase or download videos of your speeches? Have you authored any books as well?