Holy Land Pilgrimage

Join me and the rest of the Casting Nets Team for an unforgettable Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January of 2018! I can tell you from experience that walking in the footsteps of Christ in the land called holy is a life-changing experience that will deepen and renew your Catholic faith! Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! To view the itinerary and register, click here.

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The Biblical Basis for The Communion of Saints

The Solemnity of All Saints (November 1st) is fast approaching, wherein we honor all of the Saints in heaven and celebrate their heroic witness and powerful intercession for all of us “saints in the making” here on earth. The following is an Audio recording from an apologetics seminar that I delivered a few years ago on “The Biblical Basis of the Communion of Saints”. I hope you find it helpful in understanding more deeply this beautiful doctrine of our Catholic faith.

I’d highly recommend, if possible, that you to follow along with your Bible and Catechism handy.

La Fundación Bíblica para La Comunión de Los Santos

La Solemnidad de Todos los Santos (1 de Noviembre) se nos aproxima, en la que honramos a todos los santos en el cielo y celebramos su testimonio heroico y su poderosa intercesión por todos los “santos bajo construcción” aquí en la tierra. Aquí les comparto una grabación de audio de un seminario que ofrecí unos anos atrás titula “La Fundación Biblical para la Comunión de los Santos.” Espero que les sirva para profundizar su conocimiento de esta hermosa doctrina d nuestra fe Católica.

Les recomiendo, si es posible, que sigan la grabación con tu Biblia y el Catecismo a tu disposición.